Greetings! I hope you enjoy perusing the mix of old and new works below, a small sampling of some favorite topics I’m able to share.

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Lunar Ventures 2075

ABSTRACT: Lunar Ventures 2075 is an interactive business planning simulation designed to provide students with multiple opportunities to explore entrepreneurship in the context of electronic commerce. The project was part of Altoona Area School District’s Advanced Science and Technology Research Academy (ASTRA), a grant-funded initiative. This web-based enrichment program is an interactive simulation designed to teach students in grades 5-6 how to create a business plan and electronically market a product or service for consumers. The setting is 2075!

EXERCISE: What elements of Instructional Design and learning theory remain relevant no matter what year it is? Are the latest models, acronyms, and position descriptions truly brand new, or do they continue to reflect what is known about learning? Compare an older project with a recent design, and an older model with a current interpretation.

Discovering What We Can Do Better: Introduction to the Continuous Improvement (CI) Process

ABSTRACT: This 4-week mini course was developed for staff and faculty in a university setting and delivered via Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS).

EXERCISE: Are you looking for a new platform? Modern Learning Management Systems and Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) offer collaboration tools, mobile learning tools, content development tools, and analytics tools to better integrate the numerous aspects of the learning experience journey. Social learning has a strong presence. Work closely with your team and with users to capture the best interface and tools to meet expectations.

Captivate Storyboard for Benefits Plan Configuration

ABSTRACT: Benefit Plan Administrators have many decisions to make regarding employee Paid Time Off (PTO). An 8-hour virtual ILT course was downsized to a 2-hour eLearning, saving busy admins valuable time. Relevant support materials were linked so that resources could be accessed without leaving the course.

EXERCISE: Search the storyboard for examples of interactivities and links to resources that support the learner. What ideas do you have to enhance the learning experience for your target audience? Regarding the layout of the storyboard itself, how would you further simplify or improve the instructions for developers?

Sample Learning Path Mockup for Payroll Administrator

ABSTRACT: This image represents a brainstorming session on designing a single page interface for someone learning a new role. The goal was to access all key learning materials with a single click. It’s a quick mock-up, enough to start the conversation.

EXERCISE: Study up on what makes a webpage easy to navigate. Consider common elements like menuing and the placement of the Search function that should follow standards. The less time spent on learning how to use your site and the less clicks needed to quickly find desired content, the more effective the learning experience will be. Try designing a 1-page prototype with your team and gather feedback.

Intellectual Capital: Unlocking the Value of Hidden Assets

ABSTRACT: Intellectual Capital (I.C.) is collective brainpower. It is the sum of everything everybody in the company knows to give it a competitive edge. It is knowledge, intellectual property such as patents and copyrights, and experience. It is everything that can be put to use to create wealth. Knowledge has been the most important survival tool since the evolution of man. 

EXERCISE: Map out in a matrix format your education, skills, years of experience and so on as described in the article. Assign a dollar value to each asset to measure how closely the figures align with your organization’s compensation for your role.

Recruiting for Administrators

ABSTRACT: Recruiting for Administrators: Candidate Engagement (conference slideshow) leverages the recruiting module to optimize the Recruiter, Hiring Manager, and ultimately, the Candidate experience! Note: Download, then open the file and watch in Presentation Mode for a fuller experience.

EXERCISE: Choose an existing presentation and examine each slide for opportunities to add visual support, reduce text, adjust sequencing, and clarify content. Your audience will appreciate it, and you will hone your teaching skills. Ask yourself, “What is the simplest, most clear way to present this topic to learners?”

Perception Employee Engagement Survey Tool

ABSTRACT: Perception gives you the power to listen to and understand the employee voice and use those insights to engage, retain, and motivate. Build your workplace culture proactively, in a style that best suits your business! Note: This PowerPoint storyboard was used to develop a narrated multimedia presentation for online learners. Note: Download, then open the file and watch in Presentation Mode for a fuller experience.

Writing for Reuse (One Idea, Many Uses)

ABSTRACT: Reuse is the process of building documents like job aids, guides, and student manuals by linking to chunks of stand-alone content stored in just one specific location in a database. When a piece of this concise, topic-based modular content is updated in a single location, the change is automatically applied everywhere the reusable element occurs. Create once, use many times; change in one location, automatically update all instances! 

Innovation abounds; Go, Re-use! 
Bedpan, your sturdy, simple structure and flexible design 
Is a thing of grace and beauty

Integration Explained: Career Development and TTN Élan

ABSTRACT: The best companies recognize that expanding knowledge increases versatility and strengthens employee commitment, leading to greater organizational success. Integrating Career Development with TTN’s Élan learning management system (LMS) enhances administration and the user experience.

Life after the First Millennium: Conquest of the Wildwood

ABSTRACT: Quite a few years ago when eLearning was just becoming a thing, I had the opportunity to develop several lesson plans for 7th graders. Strict educational guidelines and storyboard formatting were provided by the company so that criteria mandated by the Board of Education would be met. Life After the First Millennium: Conquest of the Wildwood focused on prewriting strategies for developing cause/effect relationships with comparison and contrast. Remember, hands-on activities played a key role then, as they should now.

SPECIAL NOTE: This posting is dedicated to my late step-dad, Dr. William C. Zehringer, an avid medieval historian and much-published scholar. We worked together on this creative project, and as always, Bill immersed me in his vision. He was the most accomplished Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the planet. He was singing and quoting Shakespeare and Chesterton till the end. Bill, you will always be My Hero.

Writing Job Postings

ABSTRACT: Have you ever wondered why some of your company’s job postings seem to attract great candidates, while other postings are not as successful? The answer may be in how the posting was written. A well-crafted description attracts candidates who have the skills and attitude to positively impact company culture and the bottom line.

Friday5s Video Script

ABSTRACT: Friday5s, later called ResultsEngine, was a fully-integrated web-based learning transfer support system designed to drive learning transfer and ensure that training delivered behavior change and tangible results. ResultsEngine dramatically improved learning transfer and results by providing reminders, content, coaching, and collaboration. Its data-mining and report generation capabilities enabled learning organizations to convincingly demonstrate the business impact and value of their programs. You can view the archived video that was created using the script above at:

EXERCISE: Write a video script to advertise a learning product. Keep it brief. Employ marketing strategies to make the message pop. The result may seem short, but it takes a LOT of effort to skinny down your message yet remain highly effective. The more eyes on your script when review time comes around, the better. Note: Please have fresh coffee and snacks within reach.

Researching the Approaches of Educators Seeking NASA Online Materials for Classroom Use

ABSTRACT: Through observation, surveys, and individual and group interviews, the decision-making processes employed by teachers when developing a curricular unit will be studied. The findings will be used to design NODDE (NASA Online Directed Decision Environment), a Web-based tool that will help teachers decide which NASA research projects to use as a basis for thematic units. 

EXERCISE: Do you have an idea that you feel would enhance the learning experience your organization offers? Before presenting the idea, do some research, then prepare a short, factual, energizing proposal for your team to review and comment on.