The Circle of Life

Sometimes it’s those impromptu moments that make the day turn out to be really fun.

Those of you with parents getting up in years may notice a progressive boldness and lack of filters. My mom is no exception. I have accepted this phase in her life and am now much less prone to repeatedly turning red during our various excursions.

Mom surprised me yet again when I took her along for my car inspection. A retired couple pulled up in a 1952 Chevy. Mom yelled, “Catherine, do you have a camera, oh that’s right it’s in your phone, get your camera and follow me!” The kindly couple ended up letting Mom sit in the driver’s seat and get her pic taken. They totally got why she was so thrilled.

I now have numerous new stories added to the list about Mom’s experiences in the 50’s. She grew up in the Bronx and had a very strict Italian father (a fireman) who said women don’t need to drive. So at 16, she promptly snuck his car out at night while he slept and taught herself to drive. She ended up getting caught the time she could not get the same parking spot and he noticed, but Mom was able to pass her test and get a license!

My thoughts are Wow, just take a chance, do something new, be bold and brave, demonstrate acceptance for uniqueness, embrace and extend moments of joy, listen to new stories and listen to the old ones again, be patient and kind—as I become the Mom and take the ‘rents for an ice cream cone…if they behave.

The circle of life.

1952 Chevy

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