The Hello Box: Incredible Networking Example from “Crazy People”

Crazy People (1990) is a satire about an ad exec (played by Dudley Moore) who gets committed to an institution by his colleagues when he proposes a “totally honest” ad campaign. As it turns out, existing residents add even more brilliance to the honesty concept and the group launches fantastically successful campaigns.

My favorite character is George (played by David Paymer). George utters only one word: Hello – albeit with many variations, such as Hello! and Hello? He carries around a box of Hellos written out on paper slips. That one word speaks volumes and touches the hearts of recipients on so many levels. This is what we call Communication. George reaches out with just the right Hello.!? for each occasion, even approaching newcomers such as Dudley, and was known to many. This is what we call Networking.

As we navigate through our days at work, at home, and at play, think about reaching out to family, friends, colleagues, and those in need with just the right Hello and see where the conversation takes you. Maybe you’ll find the fulfilling job you’ve been seeking; maybe you can trade skills and get projects completed; maybe you can take a dream vacation by house-sitting in a land far away; maybe you’ll find a new best friend by adopting a pet; or maybe you’ll simply roast marshmallows (or chestnuts) over an open fire and reconnect with your loved ones.

The Hello Song

Hello, Hello, Hello
What a wonderful word, Hello
Hello, Hello, Hello
You can hear it wherever you go
A stranger in a strange place
Can’t be nearer
But when you hear the Hello song
It’s dearer
Hello, Hello, Hello
What a wonderful word, Hello!

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