There Ain’t No Stupid Way to Peel a Potato

My family enjoys inviting extra guests to holiday meals and delivering care packages. An acquaintance who indulged in my cooking at an event asked me to stop by and prepare an entire Thanksgiving meal one year. I drove a fair distance, and within hours had a feast prepared; the whole works (I really love to cook). The final step was peeling potatoes. I was truly taken aback when the person I happily volunteered holiday time to appeared during this final step and yelled, “What a stupid way to peel potatoes!”

This single sentence and manner of delivery led to deep thought about the importance of using positive language and reinforcement in ALL situations. A negative word or disrespectful tone has the potential to affect motivation, morale, and quality – even project completion. Social interactions can cause a ripple effect, so why not spread the positive?

Every project has room for thoughtful words, a helping hand, coaching, positive reinforcement, and a thank you. Practice this whenever and wherever you can! Beware of negatives, as each one can have a devastating effect upon something beautiful.

Potatoes are everywhere, prepared in many forms, thus serve as an excellent daily reminder that there ain’t no stupid way to peel a potato.

Here’s a video clip demonstrating one of the many ways to peel a potato. It happens to be the way I do it. It works well for smaller hands because you have good control over that spud. There’s a plethora of techniques (machete, boiling water, etc.), all of which deserve consideration.

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